Open Studio

Welcome to Koch Ceramics, Johnstown’s hidden gem for the art community. Browse our store for all different kinds of ceramic supplies & pieces. We encourage anyone & everyone to stop by to see what we’re all about! We also have gift cards for purchase!

Step 1: Pick Your Piece

  • Choose from our wide selection of blank bisque pieces. We have so many different bisque options for both adults & children. There’s always something waiting to be painted by you!


Step 2: Choose Your Paint

  • Decide whether you want to use glaze paints or stain paints. We welcome you to use our paints & brushes when you come create with us, no need to bring your own! paints

Step 3: Paint Your Master-Piece

  • This is the best step, simply paint your piece exactly how you want it! & we will be there to assist you with techniques, suggestions, or any other questions you may have.


Step 4: We Will Either Spray or Fire your Piece

  • Depending on the paint you chose we will finish your piece either by firing it or spraying it. If you are painting your piece with stains it will need to be sprayed, after drying it will then be ready to take home! If you are painting your piece with glaze it will have to be fired in the kiln, pieces that need to be fired will have to be picked up a few days later.


Step 5: Take Home Your Piece & Admire It

  • After all these steps are completed you get to take your master-piece home & truly enjoy it, but don’t forget to come back!